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 Hands N Harmony Wellness Center. It is about providing wHOLISTIC services to our community and clients. In addition to our personalize massage services we have incorporate several new wellness and educational programs as a part of our services.  We offer several fitness and wellness classes  (and always adding more) like Meditation/ Yoga classes, Tai Chi classes, and Healthy Living With Essential Oils just to list a few.  

Join us this month for our wellness program geared for men since it is Men's Health Awareness Month, on June 25th, from 9-11.  Our fitness instructor Boe Glasschild will lead a mat pilates class for men and as well as discuss healthy eating and wellness information for the participants.  Cost of the workshop is $20.

​Here are a few health benefits for men to include pilates (core strengthening exercises to their routine:

  1. For the golfer in your life - Every single exercise you do in Pilates comes from the core and strengthens it. All golf swings originate from your center, so a stronger core will make you a stronger player. Furthermore, the stretching you do in Pilates will increase your flexibility, so you will be able to achieve a fuller range on motion with your swing.
  2. Pilates is an excellent alternative to gain similar benefits like stretching and strengthening.  Pilates also helps you connect your mind and body through movement and breath, which has been proven to improve all aspects of your life.
  3. It is all about abdominals and core work, especially the transverse abdominals, which are the muscles under a six-pack. There are also many Pilates exercises that work the oblique muscles. Additionally, Pilates also strengthens the minor muscles that you probably haven’t focused on while doing other kinds of abdominal exercises.
  4. The origin of most aches and pains is bad posture. Every Pilates exercise you do will have a postural benefit; due to the combination of challenging your strength and flexibility, Pilates will develop muscular balance in your joints which will improve your posture and reduce your likeliness of injury.
  5. A stressful mind is often a reflection of how your body feels, so just by stretching and moving your muscles will relax and release tension, this will allow you to feel more comfortable. Naturally this will allow your mind to relax and unwind.Foll

Following the Pilates Workshop will be a seminar on the Benefits of Alkaline Water at 12 presented by Amira Abdalkader.  Your body is 70% water & Alkaline, so it just makes good sense to drink the Best water on the planet and eat more Alkaline FOOD.  Alkaline /Antioxidant Water & Fresh Start Wellness Program. This seminar is Free.

Call 210-566-1168 for more information.

As holistic health practitioners, we believe in understanding all of your physical and emotional needs to fully individualize your care. We practice natural and non-invasive health care now with combine services of newly addition to Hands N Harmony is licensed acupuncturist and herbalist Christanne Spell, L.Ac., MSAOM and Nancy Brewington, RN,LMT 

 When you visit Hands N Harmony you will know and understand that  "We are not offering a magic cure, but an opportunity for you to take control of your life that can last a lifetime. It’s not just about the illness or just stopping the pain; it’s all about wellness! It’s about living a healthy, high-quality and harmonious life!" Allow Hands N Harmony help you to create an Harmonious lifestyle.

Hands N Harmony is a Veteran owned business and proud to serving not only our country but also our community.






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